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Colorado Fall Charity Horse Show
Well, despite the most valiant efforts made on the part of the Board
Members of the Rocky Mountain Horse Show Association, it has come to
pass that this year’s Fall Charity Horse Show is also being canceled due
to the Vesicular Stomatitis scare here in Colorado.

The Board knows that the livelihoods of many equine enthusiasts and
professionals depend in large part upon horse shows: the judges, the
stewards, the EMTs, the security staff, the National Western staff, the
feed and shavings proprietor, the vendors, the grooms and trainers. This
"trickle-down effect" weighed very heavily when making the difficult
decision to cancel this year’s horse show, which is why the concerted
effort – dozens of phone calls, emails and visits to barns – was made to
carry on and try to make the show a “go”.

The RMHSA Board is hopeful that 2015 holds a brighter outlook and
Colorado Fall Charity (running for nearly 50 years!) will be held next
fall. Keep your fingers crossed that the horse shows in our region will
survive this scare and that we can continue to pursue those horse show
ribbons next year!
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VIRTUAL Fall Charity Horse Show!
Friday, September 12!
Just when exhibitors thought that horse show season was over for 2014,
RMHSA made history with an event of epic (well, VIRTUALLY epic)
proportions! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!!!