Heather Corsentino, President

When Heather joined the RMHSA Board, she was still pretty new to the horse show family. She felt that joining the board would would be a way to learn more about showing and the wonderful show family. She quickly began to realize that without all of our continued involvement, the industry will decline. For Heather, it wasn't just about showing horses but developing lasting relationships with others who share her passion about our four-legged friends.

The RMHSA Board consists of nine individuals who are elected by the membership at the annual board meeting and banquet in December. The 2019 RMHSA board is composed of the following members:

Abby Oldham, Treasurer

Abby was that little girl that wanted nothing but horsey stuff growing up, and as an adult was lucky enough to make a career out of something she loves.  Back when she joined the RMHSA board in 2014, she thought it was a great way to better understand what went into putting on the local horse shows she loves taking her clients to.  It has also been a great way for her to meet and talk with more of the awesome local horse show family, Abby has a strong belief that we all have so much to offer and this industry needs help to keep going. With the hope that if everyone pitches in a little,  she feels there will be many  more fun years ahead of us!


Toni-Maria Welter, Secretary

Kim Eicher, Vice President

John Aranda, At-large

Kelly Meyer, At-large


Kelly is a lifelong horse show girl. Born into a “show family” she began her show career at two-years-old. She has been training professionally since 1999, operating Kelly Meyer Performance Horses at Good Reception Ranch in Erie, CO. She lives in Frederick with her husband, Brent and their three boys, Logan, Brock, and Austin.



Sara Wampler, Membership co-chair

As a non-horse person, I was lucky enough to have an amazing daughter who taught me what special animals they are.  My background is in healthcare and I have two cats, a dog and a Morgan named George. I look forward to being a member of this organization and being able to show others about how great the equestrian world can be.


Colby Miller, At-large

Colby grew up riding and showing Saddlebreds in Michigan, and then moved to Colorado in 2012. She tried many other sports and activities before realizing that nothing would replace her love for horses and competition. In 2017 she made her way back into the horse world and is so grateful for the warm welcome and the opportunity to help build and put on our shows!

Skylar DuPree, Membership co-chair

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